You are free to download these files but please note these are older versions and may have been improved on and minor errors found and corrected. I have the most up to date Excel Maths files which I can send to you on request. Ownership of the files remain my own but you are free to share these files with colleagues but they must be free and not sold.                                                                                                                                          

             Adding number sentences                        Addition partition method TU                          Addition vocab MA
       Adding number sentences           Addition partition method TU         Addition vocabulary MA

             Adding column method LA                        Algebra with bracket 1   HA                         Angles
     Addition column method LA      Algebra with brackets 1  HA                         Angles

            Coordinates in 1 quadrant - draw picture                          Coordinates in 2 quadrants                         Dividing quarters of amounts
    Co-ordinates in one quadrant       Co-ordinates in two quadrants        Dividing quarters of amounts

            Division questions 2                          Doubling Machines                           Early Morning Work 1
          Division questions 2                    Doubling machines HTU               Early Morning Work  1

            Improper fractoions and mixed numbers MA HA                          Ingredients                           Inverse operations  x MA
 Improper fractions & mixed numbers    Ingredients Y6 SATS        Inverse operations  x  MA for IWB

            Magic squares U                         Multiplication as repeated addition                            Perimeter 2 compound rectangles
         Magic squares - Units      Multiplication as repeated addition      Perimeter 2 - compound rectangles